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necronurse's Journal

*♥* may *♥*
16 June 1984
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• I am not adding friends right now! :( I am sorry. I have too many people here... And I don't use LJ that much

Thanks: tomorrow_brings
for the wonderful lyt base
so I could have a cute layout!

alice in wonderland, aliens taking me home, angel sanctuary, angels, anorexia nervosa, anthony hopkins, asian horror movies, being controlled, biting, black wings, blushing, candles, candy, care bears, cate blanchett, cosplay, designing clothes, dirty band aids, dreams, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, fake tattoos, feathers, flying, ganguro, gas masks, ghost hunting, girls, glitter, gore, haibane renmei, halos, hands, haunted houses, hax0r codes, hello kitty, illusions, infantilism, intellect, intelligence, irony, lain, lollipops, lollirot, lotos abstraction, makeup, meat puppet, mental illness, mermaids, morbid atmosphere, murder, my androginy, my broken wings, my necrophiliac uncle, necromancy, nightmares, obscure, occult, opium, painting, passwords, pee, photography, pills, poltergeist, poor impulse control, pretending to be punk, psyche, psychiatry, psychology, puke, punching arms, rag dolls, rainbow brite, range murata, rose thorns, rottening, rusty razors, safety pins, sailor moon, sarcasm, scars, schizophrenia, schumann resonance, serial killers, sex is gross, sexy ghosts, shaved eyebrows, skulls, sky, snow white, snuff, socks in your mouth, souls, stars, stephen king, stickers, strangers with candy, strawberry shortcake, syringes without needles, techno, the nightmare before christmas, the unknown, tomoko tane, torture, toys kissing, trading souls, ulzzang, vampire princess miyu, vampires, violence, waterguns, wings, wired, wounds, wrists, yoshitoshi abe, your anatomy, ♀♀, マスターベーション, 天使禁猟区